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Founded in 2005, RiskLogic has firmly established itself as the leading dedicated provider of resilience solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. We service business, government and not-for-profit organisations, having developed a strong reputation for our highly practical and pragmatic approach to delivering both tactical and strategic solutions.

Our core areas of expertise are Business Continuity Management, Emergency Management and Crisis Management. Within each area we offer consultancy, training and technology services that have been designed to enhance the internal capabilities of an organisation and build lasting resilience.

We use our flexible and client focused approach to build robust, scalable and user-friendly programs that help organisations gain a true measure of their vulnerabilities and dependencies, develop and implement plans and strategies, as well as comprehensive scenario exercising and training deliverables.

RiskLogic has a strong commercial insight into most industry sectors, including financial services, energy and water, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, government, health, aged care and education.

Our programs have made a significant difference to organisations who have suffered emergencies, crises and disruptions, equipping them with the capability and tools to efficiently respond, protect people, continue operations and minimise organisational impacts. We also help clients meet regulatory compliance, achieve best practice and certification, and satisfy supply-chain partners and stakeholders.










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