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Presentations from past BCI Forum Events

 Date Forum   Author Presentation Name
 May 2016Wellington

Continuity Services Ltd 

Business Continuity - Discipline, Occupation or Profession? 

 May 2016Wellington BCIForm Meeting Presentation 
 May 2016Wellington BCI

Wellington BCI Forum: Record of Meeting 

Mar 2016Wellington BCI Form Meeting Presentation 
Mar 2016WellingtonResilient NZ  Forum Meeting Presentation 
Mar 2016Wellington BCI Forum Meeting Minutes 
Mar 2016 Wellington  BCI  Forum Meeting Slides  
 Nov 2015 QLD  BCI  Forum Meeting Minutes 
 July 2015 Auckland BCI Forum Meeting Slides 
 July 2015 Auckland BCI Photo 
 June 2015 Wellington BCI Forum Meeting Slides 
 June 2015 Wellington BCI Forum Meeting Record 
 Mar 2015 Wellington BCI Forum Meeting Slides 
 Mar 2015 Wellington BCI Forum Meeting Record 
 Oct 2014  Wellington  BCI  Forum Meeting Slides  
 Oct 2014 Auckland BCI Forum Slide Deck 
 Oct 2014 Auckland Steve Mellish Forum Slide Deck 
 Sept 2014 Auckland BCI Forum Slide Deck 
 Sept 2014 Auckland Dean Myburgh Forum Slide Deck 
 Sept 2014  Brisbane  Mark Smith  Queensland Police Service G20 Business Engagement   
 July 2014  Wellington  BCI  Forum Notes  
 July 2014  Wellington  Various  Forum Slide Deck  
 July 2014  Auckland  BCI  Forum Slide Deck  
 July 2014  Auckland  David Middleton  BC in a Large Public Sector Organisation  
 July 2014  Sydney  BCI  Forum Meeting Slides and Summit Summary Overview  
 July 2014  Sydney  Anita Gover  Business Continuity in the Information Age  

 Mar 2014
 Mar 2014

 Wellington NZ

 Glen Redstall

 BCAW 2014 Slide deck
 BCAW 2014 WellG Restoration Times

 Dec 2013  Canberra  Chris Miller  Crisis Communications Asiana Case Study  
 Sep 2013  Syd & Mel   Peter Brouggy   BDRM - A Change in Thinking   
 Sep 2013  Brisbane   Jim McGowan  Disaster Management: An emerging public policy imperative  

 July 2013
 July 2013

 Wellington NZ
 Wellington NZ

 David Thompson

 BCI Overview & Corporate Partnership
 Progression of BC


Other Downloads

 Date Forum   Author Presentation Name
 Dec 2014 National  20 in their 20's The Future of Business Continuity 
 Nov 2014  National  BCI Australasia  2014 Annual Report  
 Photo 1
 Photo 2
 Photo 3
 Auckland  Photos from Steve Mellish visit 
 Oct 2014  Wellington NZ  Steve Streefkerk   Minutes of Forum Committee Meeting  
 Sep 2014  National / NZ  ResOrg  Resilient Organisations Workshops  
 Feb 2014  Wellington NZ  Glen Redstall  Minutes of Forum Committee Meeting  
 Feb 2014  National  Tim Janes  2014 BC Summit Call for Papers  
 Oct 2013  WA only          GIA                   Special Member Offer - GIA Risk & Governance courses      
 May 2014  SA Only  Michael Keen  May Forum Agenda  

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