WORKSHOP 2: Validating your BCM programme

Course description

This course will help students understand how to determine their organization’s existing level of Business Continuity Management (BCM) programme maturity, and to prepare for, write and execute an assessment or audit.

Validation is a key part of the BCM Lifecycle. The process of validation provides assurance that your plans and capabilities remain current and fit for purpose and identifies any areas for revision or improvement.

This course will explore how to develop a comprehensive exercise programme to ensure that all elements of the BCM Lifecycle are validated.

The course, as well as instruction, will be practical and ‘hands on’ allowing students to practice the skills and techniques taught.

This course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from ISO 22301 and ISO 22398.

Who should attend?

Business continuity and resilience professionals who are responsible for validating BCM programmes.

It is recommended that students have a minimum of a CBCI or equivalent credential with experience working in an organization in a continuity and resilience related role.

Course objectives

The objectives of this training course are to provide students with the ability to:

    • Explain the elements which make up validation activities
    • Describe how validation can be carried out on each element of the BCM Lifecycle
    • Demonstrate an understanding of continuous improvement and be able to evaluate its implementation
    • Plan an exercise programme
    • Design, prepare and conduct an evaluation of a BCM programme

Course delivery

This BCI training course is delivered as a one-day course, classroom based, by a BCI licensed Training Partner and Approved BCI Instructors.

Certificate of attendance

All students will receive an official certificate of attendance directly from the BCI.


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