ReadiNow Corporation originated as a software R&D division of Enterprise Data Corporation (EDC).  Founded in 1987, as a dedicated specialist in Business Resilience and Data Centers EDC serviced blue-chip organisations in banking, financial services, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing and government.   

In purpose built, wholly owned BC and DR centers and a track record of almost 30 years, EDC delivered 100% recovery of all declared client disaster events.  The experience gained from managing ‘real live’ disaster events led to the realisation and growing need for a better state of readiness.  Companies’ dependencies on cumbersome paper based, word, excel or hard to configure software products left them exposed to longer, costlier recovery times.

Technological limitations with traditional software constrained companies with pre-determined, hard coded applications that required significant vendor customised coding and costly time delays. In addition, if your business required mobile solutions to solve or enhance user experience this became more difficult, with customised coding and in some cases, not possible. 

With a substantial investment in R&D, the objective was to design a more automated smart state of readiness.  ReadiNow’s goal was to remove the limitations and constraints by adopting a new revolutionary approach to help organisations deliver their business objectives fast. This was achieved this through innovation in the (RIE) ReadiNow Intelligent Engines (Patent Pending) technology.  ReadiNow’s innovative design empowers users to make changes in-house, or turn new ideas into working solutions within minutes on demand with zero coding in real time available on desktop, tablet and mobile enabling Instant Innovation.

Introducing a revolutionary approach to GRC & Business Resilience

Built from the ground-up over 5 years, our R&D team developed a suite of revolutionary Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) applications, with key focus around Business Continuity, IT Service Continuity, Operational Risk Management, Third Party Supply Chain Risk Management and others to help large enterprise and mid-market businesses drive efficiency and effectiveness in their existing programs whilst also providing a platform and approach to allow these customers to harness the next era of innovation.

Focusing on Business and IT Service Continuity, the comprehensive Business Continuity Management application empowers organisations to plan and manage their business continuity and crisis management processes aligned to key industry standards and frameworks.  Ability to easily analyse the impact of business continuity risks, identify gap analysis, create and test business continuity and IT Service Continuity/DR plans, initiate and manage recovering activities...and much more!

Benefits at a Glance

      Easily configurable – BCM, ITDR & GRC your way

      100% cloud based – no hardware costs, no constraints

      From desktop to mobile with ‘one click’

      Real-time reporting

      Future-proof RIE technology

      Empowers instant innovation

      Single ‘System of Record’, single source of truth removing silos and duplication

      Seamlessly integrates across the organisation fostering collaboration

More than just an application!  Built on (aPaaS) Application Platform as a Service and using the RIE technology the ReadiNow difference gives clients a genuine competitive advantage in today’s business world. or call 02 8188 7000 or email








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